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Strategic Outlook


In the next three years, NYSERDA is focused on making even greater progress toward a fully decarbonized economy. These efforts are underpinned by a commitment to a clean energy transition that is affordable, reliable, and equitable, all while improving quality of life, expanding our economy, and protecting our environment.

NYSERDA will continue to align policy and program offerings that reflect new and significant drivers of change, including the prioritization of the key strategies and policies as outlined in NYSERDA's Strategic Plan, Toward a Clean Energy Future: A Strategic Outlook 2024-2027 [PDF]. The Plan is organized around NYSERDA's key mission outcomes:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions
  • Clean Electricity
  • Clean and Efficient Buildings
  • Clean Transportation
  • Clean Energy Jobs and Economy
  • Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Communities

As this critical inflection point for our climate and energy systems unfolds, NYSERDA will continue to lead, support, and collaborate with its numerous stakeholders and partners across New York State. It will also exhibit the steadfast and focused attention needed to combat the climate crisis in the decades ahead.