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National Grid Long Island tested two geothermal well systems for residential facilities: one at Glenwood Village and another at a group home in the Town of Brookhaven. Read the Final Project Report here [PDF].

In New York City, the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) is beginning to implement geothermal projects around the city. This slide deck outlines NYC specific projects.

International communities have been embracing district thermal systems more broadly. The IEA report on thermal grids [PDF] has a great overview of governance/business models and system goals from around the word.

Find a Solution Provide to Begin Investigating Feasibility

NYSERDA has curated a list of solution providers  based on existing project work. This list is not exhaustive, and we do not require you to engage with any of these listed companies to be considered for NYSERDA funding – instead this may provide an initial set of contacts or be helpful for creating teaming arrangements.

Support for Selecting a Solution Provider

Ensure that you are strategically selecting a solution provider for feasibility, engineering, and implementation that understand the goals of the project, financial and ownership models, and can successfully engage with your team.

Other Clean Heating and Cooling Options

Individual buildings can also adopt ground source heat pumps to address heating and cooling needs on a building-by-building basis. NYSERDA can help connect stakeholders with a variety of options for ground source and air source heat pumps through the NYS Clean Heat Initiative Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

NYSERDA Can Provide Financial and Technical Assistance

NYSERDA has funding available for feasibility studies, detailed design, and implementation. Ensure that your selected solution provider is connected to these resources.

View winners from the first competitive solicitation from PON 4614.

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