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FlexTech Consultants - Annual Performance Requirements


FlexTech Consultants will be held to high standards to ensure active and satisfactory participation in clean energy initiatives. To remain in good standing, FlexTech Consultants must meet a set of yearly performance criteria throughout the duration of their contract. Failure to comply with the criteria set forth below will result in contract cancellation.

The FlexTech Consultant contract performance period begins every year on July 1st and ends the following year on June 30. NYSERDA may prorate performance criteria over the course of the year depending on when an agreement is issued. FlexTech Consultants that have participated in NYSERDA initiatives in the last performance period are eligible for modified annual performance requirements.

All supporting documentation demonstrating compliance with the performance requirements listed below must be submitted by August 15th of every year.

1. Program Participation (new)

In order to be considered an “active” FlexTech Consultant, during each performance period FlexTech Consultants are required to:

  • Engage in a NYSERDA program through their FlexTech Agreement OR
  • Engage in a NYSERDA-issued Agreement OR
  • Submit a proposal in response to a NYSERDA-issued FlexTech Consultant mini-bid OR
  • Engage in an Investor-owned Utility program

Program Participation will be confirmed via the Annual Survey discussed below. Failure to meet these requirements will result in cancellation of Agreement. A firm can reapply after successfully engaging in two (2) contracts/projects with NYSERDA or Investor-owned Utility program, or twenty-four (24) months after Agreement cancellation.

2. Annual Survey

FlexTech Consultants are required to respond to the Annual Survey. Consultants will be asked to report on their firm’s ongoing clean energy related activities, particularly interesting or innovative projects the firm is engaged in, any changes in annual participation with NYSERDA programs, and how the firm can continue to deliver value as a FlexTech Consultant to NYSERDA and its stakeholders in the coming year. Information contained in the annual survey may be published on the NYSERDA website. Failure to respond to the Annual Survey by the due date, in a complete manner, will result in cancellation of Agreement.

3. Quality and Responsiveness to Program Deadlines (new)

A FlexTech Consultant’s quality and responsiveness to projects awarded under their FlexTech Agreement will be monitored. Deadlines self-identified by the consultant, as well as NYSERDA deadlines and project management communication, will be tracked for timeliness throughout each performance period. FlexTech Consultants that do not show progress in submitting complete draft and final reports will also be monitored. FlexTech Consultants that continue to receive the same comments on their draft reports without improvement will be documented. More than two (2) documented and unresolved incidents of quality issues or delinquency will result in cancellation of Agreement. The following deadlines should be met:

  • Draft Report Due: If reports are past due 30-60 days more than twice
  • Report Comments addressed: If draft report comments are past due 30-60 days more than twice
  • Any NYSERDA status request with a timeframe (i.e.: scope of work revisions and invoice documentation)

4. NYSERDA Program Feedback

Each performance period, the FlexTech Consultants shall have representation for mandatory activities. The following are mandatory:

  • FlexTech Consultant Onboarding
  • FlexTech Quarterly webinars
  • Annual survey
  • Any other assignment or meeting invite labeled “mandatory” by NYSERDA’s Commercial, Industrial or Multifamily technical services staff.

Failure to have representation for mandatory activities will result in cancellation of Agreement.