FlexTech Consultants - Annual Performance Requirements

FlexTech Consultants will be held to high standards to ensure active and satisfactory participation in clean energy initiatives. To remain in good standing, FlexTech Consultants must meet a set of yearly performance criteria throughout the duration of their contract. Failure to comply with the criteria set forth below will result in contract cancellation.

The FlexTech Consultant contract performance period begins every year on July 1st and ends the following year on June 30. NYSERDA may prorate performance criteria over the course of the year depending on when an agreement is issued.

All supporting documentation demonstrating compliance with the performance requirements listed below must be submitted by August 15th of every year.

1. Annual Report
FlexTech Consultants will be required to provide an Annual Report (potentially through an online survey). Among other things, Consultants may be asked to report on their firm’s ongoing clean energy related activities, particularly interesting or innovative projects the firm is engaged in, any changes in annual participation with NYSERDA programs, and how the firm can continue to deliver value as a FlexTech Consultant to NYSERDA and its stakeholders in the coming year. Information contained in the annual report may be published on the NYSERDA website.

2. Project Highlights
FlexTech Consultants must provide a project summary for a minimum of two (2) clean energy projects initiated or completed within each agreement year. The synopsis should include a brief narrative and technical details if needed. Projects do not have to be completed, but completed projects should include projected or achieved energy savings. For non-NYSERDA projects, a reference with contact information must be provided for each project summary.

3. Assessment of Capabilities
A FlexTech Consultant’s capabilities may change over time for a variety of reasons. The Clean Energy Capabilities Checklist (Appendix C - RFP 3628) must be submitted to provide any updates to the FlexTech Consultant’s capabilities from one year to the next. This will help NYSERDA keep track of the expertise and capabilities represented within the FlexTech Consultant pool at any given time. For each new capability, a FlexTech Consultant adds over time, two case studies must be submitted to demonstrate said new capability. The case studies should be a minimum of one page each, and should:

  • Demonstrate the quality of the FlexTech Consultant's work, methodology, and types of energy analyses performed
  • Include the qualified personnel included in the organizational chart
  • Provide the customer’s contact information for reference checks

Note: The FlexTech Consultants' capabilities will be posted on the NYSERDA website. FlexTech Consultants are listed on the NYSERDA website with information pertinent to their FlexTech engagement, which may include but is not limited to: geographic locations served, the year they became a FlexTech Consultant, historic NYSERDA work as applicable, number of completed reports, areas of expertise and sectors served, as approved by NYSERDA.

4. NYSERDA Program Feedback
Each agreement year, the FlexTech Consultants shall have at least one representative participate in FlexTech Consultant calls and webinars, respond to surveys and requests for information (such as feedback on market conditions, ideas for pilots or other clean energy opportunities, etc.) issued by NYSERDA’s technical services staff, and provide feedback as requested pertaining to the services outlined in this agreement.

NYSERDA reserves the right to request additional material to corroborate any information included in the annual performance deliverables, and to make a final determination about a FlexTech Consultant’s yearly performance. Any work not meeting the high standards of quality expected by FlexTech Consultants will be not be accepted and may be grounds for contract cancellation. NYSERDA reserves the right to change the FlexTech Consultant performance criteria at any time.