Energy Storage Program

A robust energy storage market can help New York State achieve its long-term clean energy goals by integrating renewables, reducing peak demand, and decreasing the need for fossil fuels.

NYSERDA’s Energy Storage program is engaging individuals and organizations involved in building, installing, integrating, or researching energy storage technology. The program is supporting two funding opportunities to help reduce institutional and market barriers to adopting and optimizing energy storage in the State:

Additionally, NYSERDA supports research and development around energy storage technology and innovation.

Demonstrating Distributed Energy Storage for Stacking Customer and Grid Values

Energy storage is a technology with the potential for value stacking—providing services for, and bringing value to, multiple stakeholders such as consumers, utilities, and the wholesale market. Through the Value Stacking Pilot Projects solicitation, NYSERDA will seek proposals to demonstrate how energy storage can reduce costs and/or increase revenues for multiple stakeholders while creating a cleaner, more resilient energy system. NYSERDA will select pilot projects competitively based on various factors, including local grid and energy system needs, replicability across the State, and the potential for returns on investment without incentives.

NYSERDA intends for these pilot projects to serve as bellwether demonstrations to support the grid of tomorrow as proposed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy VisionLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. The pilot projects will provide information that will allow NYSERDA to, among other activities:

  • Evaluate the performance and quantify the value of energy storage to the State’s energy system
  • Share lessons learned and use-case scenarios to provide guidance on optimizing energy storage systems going forward

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Reducing Distributed Energy Soft Costs

NYSERDA aims to help residents, businesses, local governments, utilities, and communities see energy storage as a viable and cost effective option for reducing peak load, increasing resilience, and utilizing clean energy efficiently. To this end, NYSERDA made up to $8.1 million available for technical assistance that will develop and implement comprehensive strategies to reduce distributed energy storage soft costs. Successful applicants will train and provide in-depth analysis to various stakeholders on how best to remove institutional and market barriers to energy storage.

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