Multifamily Performance Program: Existing Buildings

Comprehensive Program

The way your building works is directly tied to your bottom line. And whether you’re looking to boost profitability or simply make necessary equipment repairs, you can make your building work better by increasing your energy performance. Our Comprehensive Program lets you incorporate energy efficiency into your affordable building that makes sense for you. And with each upgrade you decide to make, your building gets more efficient, marketable, and profitable.

The Comprehensive Program provides support to help you upgrade your entire building's energy performance. A Multifamily Building Solutions Provider will work with you to evaluate your building’s systems holistically, creating a customized plan aimed at giving you a minimum of 20% energy savings along with reduced energy bills. The Providers in NYSERDA’s Network are energy efficiency professionals experienced at handling challenges specific to multifamily building projects. As a result, you’ll experience higher operational efficiency, greater property value, lower energy bills, and more satisfied tenants.

Incentives and Financing Opportunities

Projected Energy Savings Target Total Incentive* 
(per unit)
Construction Incentive* 
(per unit)
Performance Incentive
(per unit)
20% ‐ 24% $700 $600 $100
25% ‐ 29% $800 $700 $100
30% - 35% $1,000 $800 $200
 36%+ $1,500 $1,000 $500

*Construction incentive is typically paid out at 100% construction completion. Projects that use a construction manager to oversee the project, however, may qualify for a payment of one-half of the construction incentive at 50% completion.

Projects 50 units or less and not subject to Local Law 84 in New York City are eligible to receive a pre-payment of $100 per unit from the construction incentive payment once the building analysis is approved by NYSERDA.

Learn more about your financing options through NYSERDA and private commercial lenders.

How It Works

  • Work with a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider (Provider) who will submit an application to the Program on your behalf
  • Your Provider conducts a building assessment, calculates projected energy savings, and works with you to develop a set of final, recommended building improvements
  • Your Provider submits your building improvements for approval by NYSERDA
  • If you hire a construction manager to oversee the project, your project will be eligible to receive one-half of the construction incentive when 50 percent of the work is complete
  • If you don’t hire a construction manager, you will receive your construction incentive payment when work is complete
  • You will receive your performance incentive after you reach the projected energy savings target one-year following installation of your building improvements

Who Can Apply


How to Apply


For additional information on the Multifamily Comprehensive Option email us at or call 1-866-NYSERDA.

Associated Documents

The following documents provide full details about the program and how to apply: