Become a NYSERDA-Qualified Multifamily RTEM Vendor

The NYSERDA RTEM program has up to $830,000 available in cost-share funding for multifamily projects, which is available exclusively to the customers of NYSERDA-qualified RTEM vendors.

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) collects real-time data about a building and uses that data to understand the building equipment’s energy usage. Cloud-based computational resources analyze the data from sensors, meters, and weather stations to show how the building’s systems can be optimized at any point in time. This data is used to fine-tune the operation of the building’s energy systems and to identify energy-saving capital projects.

Incentives for Multifamily RTEM Customers:

Customers who participate in the program have two options when integrating RTEM solutions into their multifamily properties. Up to $155,000 is available for each individual RTEM project site.

Option A: Available for when customers pay upfront costs for RTEM system installations.

Incentive Type NYSERDA Cost-Share
RTEM System Installation 30%
RTEM Service Years 1-3 30%
RTEM Service Years 4-5 20%


Option B: Available when the RTEM system costs are embedded in the RTEM services costs. By choosing this option, the customer pays little to no upfront costs, allowing both the system and service costs-sharing structure to be stretched over a five-year period.

Incentive Type NYSERDA Cost-Share
RTEM System/Service Years 1-3 30%
RTEM System/Service Years 4-5 20%

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For more detailed information on eligibility and how to apply, see RFQ 3691 Real Time Energy Management Qualified Vendor requirements. To view program information in more detail, see PON3689.