Unified Solar Permit

Local governments can pass legislation to adopt the New York State Unified Solar Permit to reduce costs and delays for solar projects in the jurisdiction.

Fact Sheet [PDF]
This fact sheet provides a brief description of the Unified Solar Permit action along with the benefits communities can expect to achieve. 

Step-by-Step Guidance [PDF]
The slide presentation provides an overview of the Clean Energy Communities Program as well as a detailed description and step-by-step guidance for implementing the Unified Solar Permit action.

New York State Model Solar Energy Law [PDF]
This document is designed to assist communities in New York State adopt zoning provisions that promote solar energy systems while protecting community character and the environment.

New York State Unified Solar Permit

This is a link to NYSERDA’s Solar Guidebook for Local Governments which includes a wealth of resources for becoming a solar-friendly community including the New York State Unified Solar Permit Application and Field Inspection Checklist.  The New York State Unified Solar Permit Application is what needs to be adopted by the applicant in order to meet the requirements of NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Communities Program.  Please note that the Permit was updated in October 2016.  After November 15, 2016, NYSERDA will no longer accept the old version of the Permit.

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The PV Trainers Network provides a number of on-site training courses and one-on-one technical assistance to communities.