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Clean Energy Training Resources


When it comes to energy efficiency and clean energy technology — knowledge is power.

The following resources are available to all New Yorkers to help in our shared journey to a clean energy future:

Program Resources

  • Fact Sheet [PDF]: Downloadable PDF with an overview of all available funding opportunities through NYSERDA’s Workforce Development initiative.
  • Definitions: Glossary of common terms found in NYSERDA’s workforce development and training solicitations can be referenced to help with your application process.
  • Example Training Projects: Find inspiration for training projects at your organization by learning about the variety of technology areas, the mix of training providers, and the types of training program formats funded through NYSERDA’s Workforce Development and Training programs.
  • Participating Clean Energy Employers: Explore the businesses and organizations that are participating as employers in NYSERDA’s Workforce Development and Training programs to find an opportunity that aligns with your career goals.

Training and Workforce Development Resources

  • Clean Energy Career Maps: Identify various paths for growth and career advancement in the field of clean energy. NYSERDA invites educators, career advisors, jobseekers, employers, policymakers, and workforce professionals to explore these free tools to help map out clean energy career journeys.
  • Offshore Wind Training and Career Pathways Site: Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. Learn about the wide range of career pathways and training opportunities in the growing offshore wind industry.
  • Occupations by Green Topic Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.: Explore New York State Department of Labor’s dashboard of skills and occupations by topic areas.
  • NYSERDA Partner Clean Energy Training Sites: See upcoming trainings for new and existing workers offered by training organizations that have been a part of NYSERDA’s Workforce Development and Training Programs.
  • Clean Energy Siting Training and Resources: Trainings, guides, and tools for local governments to manage responsible clean energy development in their communities.
  • Clean Heat Connect Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.: A network of heat pump distributors and manufacturers offering installer resources, including trainings, sales and marketing strategies, and tools from NYSERDA, NEEP, and trusted partners.
  • Energy Code Training and Resources: Explore training and resources to improve energy code enforcement and assist with local energy code adoption.
  • Directory of Free Online Clean Energy Training: Explore free online clean energy training opportunities to expand your knowledge on a variety of clean energy categories.
  • Training Provider Resources: Training materials for use in clean energy training programs.
  • Labor Market Data and Reports: Review state and national publications and websites for data and information on energy efficiency and clean energy workforce needs.

Partner Connector

  • Connect with Partners: NYSERDA's Partner Connector facilitates connections among training providers, employers, community partners, and other organizations that are interested in forming partnerships and collaborating within our workforce development and training programs.

Upcoming Trainings and Events