How the Program Works

Participating in the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program is easy. Just follow the simple steps below.

  1. Schedule a home energy assessment (free for most New York State homeowners).
  2. Apply for a discount.
  3. Customize a plan to lower your energy bills.
  4. Apply for available financing to help pay for the work (optional).
  5. Complete the work.

Step 1: Schedule a free home energy assessment

A home energy assessment takes a whole-house approach to energy efficiency to identify where the biggest energy efficiency gains can be made. The assessment analyzes how all the elements of your home work together to affect the amount of electricity and fuel you use. The result is a top-to-bottom look at where your home is wasting energy and a report detailing the recommended home energy improvements you should make. Every assessment must be performed by a participating Home Performance contractor recognized by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a BPI GoldStar Contractor. These contractors are specially trained and experienced in the use of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide you with an unparalleled, comprehensive analysis of your home’s energy efficiency. Participating contractors are insured and subject to quality reviews by NYSERDA.

Step 2: Apply for a discount

Income-eligible New York State homeowners may qualify for a discount covering 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficiency improvements up to $4,000 per project for single-family homes. Two- to four-unit residential buildings with income-eligible residents can qualify for a discount of 50% of the cost of eligible energy efficient improvements up to $8,000.

Step 3: Customize a plan to lower your energy bills

After your assessment is complete, you will review the results with your contractor to determine which of the recommended home energy improvements make the most sense for you. These can include everything from adding insulation and energy-efficient light bulbs to installing a high-efficiency furnace and ENERGY STAR certified appliances. Make sure you understand the recommendations and ask questions. When you are ready, you will be asked to sign a contract with the contractor. Download the list of eligible energy improvements [PDF] to see which ones qualify.

Step 4: Apply for available financing to help pay for the work (optional)

If you are interested in financing your project, we offer two low-interest loan options. Find out which one works best for you.

Step 5: Complete the work

Once the project is finished, you will be asked to sign off that the work has been satisfactorily completed. If you are receiving a loan, the lender will pay any amounts borrowed directly to the contractor. The discount is also paid directly to the contractor.

Your contractor can assist you at any point of the process or you can contact a participating Community Energy Advisor. Community Energy Advisors are partners in the program who help homeowners access and participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.