Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program

Energy Management System

What is Real Time Energy Management?

A Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) system is a cutting-edge technology that transforms the way you manage, consume, and buy energy. RTEM systems continuously collect live and historical performance data through a cloud-based or on-site system. That data can be analyzed to uncover optimization opportunities for the site’s energy usage. Sensors, meters, and other equipment, along with data analytics and information services, show how your building or facility is performing at any point, in real time.

How is NYSERDA helping?

We offer cost-share incentives to support RTEM projects that serve customers in the following sectors:

  • Multifamily
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

We evaluate and qualify vendors to ensure high quality RTEM projects. We analyze RTEM market data and publish case studies and best practices to build market confidence.

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Read more about what NYSERDA is doing to support RTEM solutions in New York State [PDF]

I’m a Customer

RTEM creates a smarter building or facility with lower operating and utility costs, and greater appeal, comfort and marketability. For industrial customers, RTEM helps improve the bottom line by limiting energy consumption while maintaining productivity.

Learn the benefits and how to get started.

I’m a Vendor

By becoming a qualified vendor, you’re able to offer your customers NYSERDA cost-share incentives, increase your credibility and visibility with prospective clients, and gain access to technical guidance and resources.

Learn how to become a qualified vendor.