Announcements and Events


1/25/2017 Governor Cuomo Announces Approval of Largest Offshore Wind Project in the Nation
90 Megawatt Offshore Wind Farm 30 Miles Off the Coast of Long Island Will Create Jobs and Power 50,000 Long Island Homes with Clean, Resilient and Affordable Energy

1/10/2017 Governor Cuomo Presents 25th Proposal of 2017 State of the State: Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Energy Project Off Long Island Coast and Unprecedented Commitment to Develop Up to 2.4 Gigawatts of Offshore Wind Power by 2030
Calls on Long Island Power Authority to Approve 90 Megawatt Project Off Montauk and Supports Development of 800 Megawatt Offshore Wind Lease Area Off Rockaway Peninsula

12/12/2016 NYSERDA Seeking Experts to Help New York Determine How Best to Responsibly Develop Offshore Wind
Expert Consultants to Assist in Developing and Executing Offshore Wind Master Plan

10/27/2016 Governor Cuomo Announces Major Progress in Offshore Wind Development
NYSERDA Selected to Compete for Offshore Wind Lease South of Long Island

09/15/2016 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo Announces Release of New York State Offshore Wind Blueprint
The blueprint outlines strategic approach to responsibly develop offshore wind resources and meet clean energy standard commitment of 50-percent renewables by 2030.

06/02/2016 New York State to Participate in Offshore Wind Lease Auction
NYSERDA aims to advance offshore wind, reduce project development costs, and protect the environment

Upcoming Events

Upcoming public meetings will be held to consider and address environmental, commercial and recreational fishing, navigation, coastal community, and other stakeholder concerns.

Past Meetings

Marine Resource Advisory Council Meeting, East Setauket, NY, January 17, 2017
The Marine Resource Advisory Council held a public meeting where NYSERDA was part of the formal agenda and presented a "NYS Offshore Wind Master Plan" presentation and conducted a questions and answers session for approximately 30 minutes. The general topics were: an introduction to offshore wind, what offshore wind means for New York, and an introduction to the offshore wind Master Planning process.

ACE NY 2016 Fall Conference, Albany, NY, November 2-3, 2016
The Alliance for Clean Energy New York held their 10th annual fall conference and membership meeting to discuss the opportunities and challenges for achieving 50% renewable energy and a clean energy future for New York State. Greg Matzat, senior advisor of NYSERDA’s Large-scale Renewables participated on a panel discussion about Clean Energy Standard Implementation Issues.

AWEA Offshore Windpower 2016, Warwick, RI, October 25-26, 2016
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Offshore WINDPOWER 2016 Conference & Exhibition program gathered top developers and experts in offshore wind energy to define the next steps in maintaining a positive trend for the industry. The conference focused on analyzing new developments, examined the latest lessons learned, and highlighted the best areas for potential cost reductions. John Rhodes gave a presentation discussing NYSERDA’s offshore wind initiatives and Offshore Wind Master Plan. Greg Matzat participated on a panel discussion that focused on states policies and market drivers that are increasing demand for offshore wind energy and to those states and regions that are in need of such policies to move offshore wind development forward.

Public Meeting, New York City, June 29, 2016
NYSERDA provided details on its participation in the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s auction for a commercial offshore wind energy lease off the coast of Long Island. This meeting focused on how the lease auction will fit into New York State’s Offshore Wind Master Plan and NYSERDA’s plans for risk assessments and cost reductions if successful in bidding.