Targeted Option for Multifamily Buildings

Check Incentives

Both NYSERDA and local utilities offer incentives for specific building upgrades, including energy-efficient appliances, building shell, cooling systems, heating and controls, domestic hot water, and motors and devices. The first step to understand your options is to find out if NYSERDA or your utility company offers an incentive for your planned energy efficiency upgrade. Buildings that use oil for heat are eligible for heating and hot water system upgrades through NYSERDA.

Apply [XLSM]

If NYSERDA offers an incentive for the upgrade as part of the Targeted Option for Multifamily Buildings, the incentive amount for each energy efficiency upgrade will be based on how much energy you will save as determined by NYSERDA’s Savings and Incentive Calculator [XLSM].


  • Make the energy upgrades you want, at your convenience
  • Take advantage of the streamlined application process: make an upgrade, show proof of work, receive your incentive
  • Use the savings earned to reinvest in other building priorities
  • Work with the contractor of your choice—you can also work with a Provider from the Multifamily Building Solutions Network. Providers are highly experienced professionals who understand energy efficiency projects and how to integrate energy efficiency improvements into all building upgrades.
  • Tackle several projects on your to-do list using incentives from NYSERDA and your utility companies to cover non-overlapping upgrades

How It Works

  • Check the Incentive Finder to see if NYSERDA offers an incentive for the specific upgrade you want to make. To qualify through NYSERDA, your upgrade must meet the Minimum Efficiency Standard.
  • Download and complete the Savings and Incentive Calculator [XLSM] and follow the instructions in the Calculator to determine the amount of your incentive, confirm your upgrade meets the Minimum Efficiency Standards, and review submission requirements. Be sure to save the calculator spreadsheet results that indicate your incentive amount.
  • Reserve your incentive by logging onto NYSERDA’s application websiteLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. and complete all fields and upload required documents as prompted to submit your reservation. Invoice and specification sheets may be uploaded after upgrades are installed.
  • You will receive a confirmation from NYSERDA within 5 business days
  • Complete the energy efficiency upgrades, including installation of all equipment and appliances that meet or exceed the Minimum Efficiency Standards
  • As you are making the upgrades, gather and save all the paperwork listed in the submission requirements and within 60 days of installing the upgrades submit to
  • You should receive your incentive payment within 4 – 6 weeks

Who Can Apply

  • Affordable and market-rate buildings
  • Buildings with 5+ units
  • Buildings where at least 50 percent of the building’s gross heated footage is residential space 
  • Must pay into System Benefits Charge (SBC)


For additional information on the Multifamily Targeted Option email us at or call 1-866-NYSERDA.

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To find out if NYSERDA offers an incentive for your upgrade, select your electric and gas provider below. If your planned upgrade is on this list, please read the summarized version of the Minimum Efficiency Standards to see if the upgrade qualifies for an incentive.


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