New Construction - Residential and Multifamily

NYSERDA offers support to residential developers and builders for the construction and renovation of energy-efficient single-family homes, townhomes, low-rise multifamily buildings and high-rise multifamily buildings. Projects designed and constructed with support from these programs use proven technologies and advanced building practices. Homebuyers, building owners, and tenants see many benefits, including:

  • Significantly lower energy bills than conventionally built homes
  • A quieter, more comfortable home
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Greater durability with low maintenance

Developers and builders can boost their businesses and reputations. They receive financial incentives and unbiased technical support and access to an approved network of home raters.

To be eligible for support, projects must be located in one of these electric service territories:

  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
  • Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc.
  • New York State Electric and Gas Corporation
  • National Grid
  • Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc.

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