Funding and Assistance

NYSERDA is supporting a robust energy storage market to help New York State achieve its long-term clean energy targets by integrating renewables, reducing peak demand, and decreasing the need for fossil fuels. These opportunities will expand as the Public Service Commission considers the New York State Energy Storage Roadmap actions later this year, and as market design around energy storage evolves.

NY Green Bank

To help achieve New York’s target to deploy 1500 MW of energy storage by 2025, NY Green Bank has committed at least $200 million for energy storage-related investments. NY Green Bank is looking to work with developers who are interested in financing options that will ultimately expand the deployment of energy storage in State through one-on-one conversations and stakeholder meetings to expand the market.

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Value Stacking Pilot Projects

Energy storage is a technology with the potential for value stacking—providing services for, and bringing value to, multiple stakeholders such as consumers, utilities, and the wholesale market. By funding value-stacking pilot projects, NYSERDA aims to demonstrate how energy storage can reduce costs and/or increase revenues for multiple stakeholders while creating a cleaner, more resilient energy system. NYSERDA will select pilot projects competitively based on various factors, including local grid and energy system needs, replicability across the State, and the potential for returns on investment without incentives.

Concept papers may be submitted at any time. The current funding opportunity covering value stacking is Demonstrating Distributed Energy Storage for ‘Stacking’ Customer and Grid Values (PON 3541). Apply online.

Feasibility Studies

NYSERDA is also funding feasibility studies on deploying energy storage in diverse ways. These studies will cover energy storage systems that are either integrated with other distributed energy resources or are standalone; serving a customer/behind the meter or as part of a grid operator’s system/in front of the meter. Such feasibility studies can accelerate project timelines, reduce customer acquisition costs, and assess the size and payback period of storage projects.

NYSERDA Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program provides funding for feasibility studies covering energy storage. Apply to FlexTech online.

Technical Assistance, Guidance, and Education

NYSERDA aims to help residents, businesses, local governments, utilities, and communities see energy storage as a viable and cost-effective option for reducing peak load, increasing resilience, and utilizing clean energy efficiently. To this end, NYSERDA has funded technical assistance, training, and educational services all geared to remove institutional and market barriers to energy storage. One-on-one assistance and educational services for municipalities and permitting agencies, customers, and industry stakeholders are available.

Learn more about technical assistance opportunities offered by NYSERDA.

Energy Storage Technology and Product Development

As part of New York State’s continuous support of energy storage technology, NYSERDA provides funding opportunities for emerging technologies. This solicitation supports technology that has the potential to:

  • Reduce the costs of energy storage hardware
  • Improve efficiency, energy/power density, and thermal stability for demand response and electric vehicle charging
  • Balance clean energy sources
  • Assess new technologies that store, reuse, and support renewable energy
  • Reduce peak electricity consumption
  • Provide ancillary services

Learn how NYSERDA is funding energy storage innovation.