NYStretch Code-Energy 2018

NYSERDA has drafted NYStretch Code-Energy 2018 – a voluntary, locally adoptable stretch energy code. It is the latest stretch energy code for New York buildings and is roughly 25% more efficient than the residential provisions of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) – 2018 and roughly 18% more efficient than the commercial provision of ASHRAE 90.1-2016.

Seeking Feedback on Energy Codes

Comment on the Draft NYStretch Code

NYSERDA took the lead in drafting NYStretch Code-Energy 2018, with guidance from a 25-member advisory group composed of public and private stakeholders. We seek feedback on the draft from architects, engineers, building professionals, and local government officials. All comments submitted by March 27, 2018 will be considered. To aid in the review, public access to the IECC2018 is available at https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/document/iecc2018.

More Information on NY-Stretch Code-Energy

The goals for this effort are to produce a stretch code that:

  • Is readily adoptable with minimal changes by local governments
  • Is in enforceable language
  • Is coordinated with the New York State Uniform and Energy Codes
  • Is about a cycle ahead of the current New York State Energy Code in its requirements
  • Lowers energy use and greenhouse gas emissions associated with new and existing buildings
  • Is cost-effective and regionally appropriate

To learn more, download the draft code and the supporting documentation: