Charging Options

In addition to more than 2,000 charging stations around New York State, there are multiple home-charging options that make it very convenient to own an electric car.

Convenient Charging Options for Electric Cars

Electric car drivers have various options available to plug in and charge the car’s batteries. For the majority of users, charging needs can be fulfilled at home. If you have a battery-powered car, that means no more trips to the gas station.

The most basic charger is a standard home outlet. Simply plug in the electric car adapter provided by the manufacturer, and your car will charge. You also have the option of buying a faster home charging station from local retailers. A qualified electrician must install it in your garage or outdoors.

Over 2,000 charging stations are also available across New York State to recharge electric cars while drivers are at work, shopping, or at other destinations. Commercial charging stations generally expedite vehicle charging when time is limited.

Many car models offer mobile app connectivity for monitoring and setting charge times.

Understanding Charging Options

There are several ways to charge your electric car at home, starting with the standard home outlet.

Charging Options When You're Home

Level 1 - Standard Home Outlet

How it Works

Use the adapter cable that came with your car. Plug the standard 3-prong plug into your wall outlet, and plug the other end into your electric car.

When to Use It

If you drive your car regularly everyday, you can plug it in overnight and it will be ready by morning.

Level 2 - Rapid Home Charger

How it Works

This requires an initial purchase and installation, but once set up, simply plug the charger cable directly into your electric car.

When to Use It

If you drive multiple times a day, this type of charger may be for you, by ensuring that your car is ready for each outing.


Charging Options Away from Home

When you’re away from home, there are 2,000+ charging stations that you can take advantage of across New York State. All Level 2 charging stations have a common plug that all electric cars can use, while DC fast chargers may not be compatible with every model.

Destination Charging Stations

How it Works

Use a charging station app to find one of 1,750+ charging stations that is by your destination. Depending upon its host, using it may be free or cost a small fee

When to Use It

Ideal for topping off when you park somewhere for a while, like a workplace or a parking garage.

On-The-Go Charging Stations

How it Works

Pay and use any of the 100+ NYS fast chargers to rapidly charge your car, similar to how you would use a conventional gas station.

When to Use It

As a stopover on longer road trips when you need to charge up as you go.


Charging Stations Make All-Around Business Sense

Do you manage a commercial property, a retail store, a public parking facility, a multifamily building, or a similar type of site? If so, becoming an EV charging station owner may be good for business. Your facility can serve as an attractive destination for the tens of thousands of electric vehicle owners in New York State, whether they may be your customers or tenants. Not only do electric car drivers like to “top off” wherever they go, but many savvy consumers plan longer trips with charging breaks in mind.

Support may be available to reduce the cost of your charging station installation.

Alternatively, if you are a charging station installer or inspector, now is a good time to brush up on all the installation best practices, as demand for charging stations is expected to increase, from homes and businesses to municipalities.

Through the Charge NY program, NYSERDA has developed many resources to help prospective charging station host facilities and charging station operators.