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Clean Fleets

Local governments can either install an EV charging station and/or other alternative fuel infrastructure or deploy alternative fuel vehicles in the municipal fleet.

Fact Sheet [PDF]
This fact sheet provides a brief description of the Clean Fleets action along with the benefits communities can expect to achieve. 

Step-by-Step Guidance [PDF]
The slide presentation provides an overview of the Clean Energy Communities Program as well as a detailed description and step-by-step guidance for implementing the Clean Fleets action.

New York State Office of General Services Vehicle Marketplace [PDF]
The New York State Vehicle Marketplace is where local governments can purchase competitively priced cars and trucks including alternative fuel vehicles from a variety of vehicle dealers.

Creating EV-Ready Towns and Cities: A Guide to Planning and Policy Tools [PDF]
This guide highlights best practices and introduces policy options for public officials and private-sector leaders seeking to prepare their communities, jurisdictions, states or organizations for electric vehicles.

Clean Vehicles and Infrastructure Rebates [PDF]
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is offering rebates of up to $5,000 per clean vehicle and up to $8,000 per port for electric vehicle charging stations. This document provides information on how to apply.

Clean Fleets Certification Form - Version 3 [XLSX]
This certification form may be completed and submitted to earn credit for this action.

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