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Make a Difference with a Free Smart Thermostat!


To explore how New Yorkers can save money on their energy bills, make their homes more comfortable, and improve air quality, NYSERDA and National Grid have launched the Make a Difference with a Free Smart Thermostat pilot program in northern Buffalo, NY. This pilot will give participating households more access to clean energy/energy efficiency technology and give residents more control over their heating and cooling at no cost.

Get a state-of-the-art smart thermostat and other energy efficient upgrades at no cost to you

Participating households will receive a home energy assessment and efficiency upgrades at no cost. The assessment, conducted by a contractor working with NYSERDA’s EmPower New York program, will identify energy improvements to help lower your electric and heating bills. Soon after, the contractor will provide and install a smart thermostat at no cost to you. The contractor may also install insulation in your attic and walls and replace old, inefficient lighting, showerheads, and refrigerators/freezers with new highly efficient, products, also at no cost to you.

A home energy assessment, efficiency upgrades, and a smart thermostat combined can lower your electric and heating bills by up to 20% while making your home feel less drafty, less stuffy, and overall more comfortable. Remember you pay for both the energy you use and the energy your house wastes!

Get connected and earn cash rewards for saving energy

Homes with central air conditioning can earn annual cash rewards from National Grid when you enroll your new, smart thermostat and participate in the ConnectedSolutions program. ConnectedSolutions allows your smart thermostat to slightly adjust your home temperature and temporarily reduce energy use during peak energy events. These events occur on the hottest days of the summer when energy demand is highest, and electricity is most expensive. Receive $30 cash reward for signing up plus $20 cash rewards every following year of enrollment by participating in 80% of peak energy events.

By participating in the Make a Difference with a Free Smart Thermostat pilot program, you will:

  • Save up to 20% on electric and heating bills
  • Receive state-of-the-art energy efficiency technology for your home at no cost.
  • Improve the comfort of your home
  • Get more control of your heating and cooling
  • Earn annual cash rewards when you participate in National Grid’s ConnectedSolutions
  • Lower pollution and increase air quality
  • Reduce stress on the grid and lower the cost of electricity

To qualify for this pilot, you must:

  • Rent or own a home in an eligible zip code. Renters need to get permission from their landlords
  • Get your household electricity from National Grid. Check your electric bill to confirm who is your energy supplier
  • Meet EmPower New York’s income eligibility guidelines
  • Have consistent access to broadband internet

If you don’t have broadband internet you may still be eligible for energy efficiency improvements through EmPower New York.

How to apply

You have two paths:

  1. Complete, sign, and return the EmPower application [PDF]
  2. Contact a Community Energy Advisor with PUSH Green at 716-886-1780 to answer questions or assist you with the application

After you apply and are confirmed eligible, a contractor working with NYSERDA’s EmPower New York program will schedule a home assessment at your earliest convenience. The smart thermostat installation and other energy efficiency improvements will follow, also scheduled at your convenience.


Contact PUSH Green at 716-886-1780 or [email protected]