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Behavior Design Consulting Services


NYSERDA offers behavior design and evaluation consulting services to organizations that are interested in using behavioral strategies to increase the effectiveness of their clean energy programs in New York State. Clean energy programs include energy efficiency, conservation (energy, water, and waste), and renewable energy (solar and other programs. Complimentary services are available on a first-come, first-served basis to qualifying organizations).

Services available include:

  • Survey and other background research to help identify key opportunities for behavior change and program improvements
  • Experimental design and planning assistance to develop, optimize, and implement pilots
  • Evaluation services to measure the net effects of the behavioral strategies

Note that the organization operating the clean energy programs is responsible for implementing the behavior pilots and providing the data necessary for evaluation.

Qualifications and Examples

To receive consulting services,the following conditions must be met: 

  • Potential to significantly increase program effectiveness by using a behavioral strategy  
  • Ability to measure the effect(s) of the behavior intervention 
  • Capacity to implement the behavior pilot as designed and broadly implement if the behavioral strategy is successful
  • Pilot implementation in New York State
  • Consent to allow NYSERDA to disseminate the pilot results to the public

Examples of completed behavior pilots that have used NYSERDA’s behavior design and evaluation consulting services: 

Examples of in-progress behavior pilots that used NYSERDA’s design services:   

  • Influencing NYC apartment dwellers who do not pay for utilities to reduce their window air-conditioning usage during the summer months  
  • Influencing Clarkson University students residing in on-campus apartments to conserve water, electricity and heating fuel use 
  • Increasing submetered apartment dwellers’ use of programmable thermostats to reduce winter heating costs


Marsha Lia Walton, Ph.D., at research@nyserda.ny.gov or 518-862-1090 x3271 about NYSERDA behavior pilots and behavior consulting services.