Commercial/Industrial MW Block

The NY-Sun Incentive Program offers performance-based incentives for new grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) systems greater than 200 kW (Commercial/Industrial facilities) that offset use of grid-supplied electricity.

Program Rules

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MW Block Incentive Structure

The structure allocates PV capacity in Megawatts (MW) to specific regions of the State, breaks those regional MW capacity targets into blocks of MWs to which declining incentive rates are assigned, and awards incentives based upon the block in effect at the time. The block structure provides allocations based on historical demand, market penetration, installed cost per watt, and equity on a regional basis. The MW Block approach provides the solar PV industry and their customers with certainty and transparency regarding incentive levels and accounts for regional market differences.

View the Megawatt Block Dashboard for real time information on the status of block and current incentives.

The incentives and MW for the current and future C/I MW Blocks blocks are listed in the tables below. The incentives are not expected to change. This page will be updated monthly to show the currently installed capacity within each block.

ROS Block Structure

Block PBI ($/W) Monetary Crediting1 PBI ($/W) Volumetric Crediting2 Block Volume (MW-dc)
1 $0.34 $0.40 120
2 $0.28 $0.40 120
3 $0.21 $0.39 130
4 $0.15 $0.39 130
5 $0.11 $0.37 140
6 $0.06 $0.35 140
7 $0.05 $0.33 150
8 $0.04 $0.28 150
9 $0.02 $0.22 160
10 $0.01 $0.16 170
11 $0.01 $0.09 180
1Monetary Crediting applies to Remote Net Metered projects receiving monetary crediting for a non-demand host meter in all service territories outside of ConEd
2Volumteric crediting applies to all other projects in all service territories outside of ConEd

Volumetric vs. Monetary Incentive Rate

See the NY-Sun Commercial/Industrial Incentive Rate Decision Tree if you need assistance in determining which rate you will receive

Con Ed Block Structure

Block PBI ($/W) Block Volume (MW-dc)
1 $0.63 15
2 $0.61 20
3 $0.59 20
4 $0.57 25
5 $0.55 25
6 $0.51 30
7 $0.46 30
8 $0.39 35
9 $0.33 35
10 $0.26 40
11 $0.20 45
12 $0.13 50
13 $0.07 55

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