Energy Storage for Your Home

Pairing Energy Storage and Solar

By pairing solar projects with energy storage, you can store electricity produced from your solar panels for future use. In recent years, residential energy storage systems have experienced a decline in cost, making it more affordable for you to combine these two technologies. By installing storage on your home, you can increase your resiliency and reduce the cost of your electric bill.

Benefits of Pairing Solar and Energy Storage

  • Access stored power during grid outages
  • Save even more money on your electric bill by participating in utility load relief programs or time of use electric rates when available
  • Access current federal tax credits for both the energy storage and solar

How Energy Storage Works

Energy storage systems are designed to charge when excess electricity is available from your solar system. Many different types of storage technologies exist however, lithium-ion batteries are most common with homeowners.

A battery storage system looks like a box mounted on the wall or a small cabinet mounted outside your home, with almost all systems placed near your home’s circuit breaker panel, on a wall of a garage, attached to your house, or on a pad located near your home.

Your home will still be connected to the electric grid during everyday operation, however, if the electric grid goes out because of a disruption your backup storage system will continue without any interruption. It won’t power your whole house, but it can power critical functions like heat, refrigeration, and lighting without the need for a backup generator.

Energy storage can communicate with your electric utility through advanced software to charge and discharge when it is most advantageous for you. The Long Island Power Authority will also pay you through their Dynamic Load Management tariff to reduce your electric demand during a few peak days of the year. Unlike traditional load relief events, the energy storage system will allow your house to continue operating as usual without any impact.


To receive the energy storage incentive, you must work with a participating NY-Sun contractor to install a new system. Your participating contractor will apply for the energy storage incentive on your behalf. The incentive is available only for the energy storage component of the system. We do offer additional incentives to residents earning less than 80% of the median income in the area. Work with your contractor to determine your eligibility.

Who Is Eligible

At this time, we are only supporting Long Island residential customers. These residential storage incentives may expand to other regions of the State as other electric utilities adopt tariffs that encourage these paired resources.

How it Works

Find a ContractorTo access incentives, you must work with a NY-Sun participating contractor. You can find a contractor by using our contractor locator map. Your contractor will apply for the solar and energy storage incentives together in a single application.


For additional information on energy storage opportunities email us at or call 866-NYSERDA.