Retail Storage Incentives

NYSERDA’s Retail Energy Storage Incentive provides commercial customers funding for standalone, grid-connected energy storage or systems paired with a new or existing clean on-site generation like solar, fuel cells, or combined heat and power.

Energy storage systems must:

  • Be sized up to 5 megawatts (MW) of alternating current (AC) power
  • Be new, permanent, and stationary
  • Be located in New York State
  • Use thermal, chemical, or mechanical commercially-available technology primarily operated for electric load management or shifting on-site renewable generation to more beneficial time periods
  • Provide value to a customer under an investor-owned utility rate, including delivery charges or New York State’s value of distributed energy resources (VDER)
  • Interconnect either behind a customer’s electric meter or directly into the distribution system

Incentives are provided through a network of participating contractors who contract directly with the customer. If a project is:

  • Installing a new solar system paired with energy storage, you must be a NY-Sun participating contractor to access the energy storage incentive. Project applications are submitted through the NY-Sun application process. Learn more about becoming a NY-Sun participating contractor.
  • Installing a standalone energy storage system, retrofitted to an already built solar project, or paired with other on-site generation, you must be an energy storage participating contractor. Project applications are submitted through the Retail Energy Storage Incentive program. See details below on how to become an energy storage participating contractor.

Whether you submit an application through NY-Sun or the Retail Energy Storage Incentive program for the energy storage incentives, all incentive funding comes from the Retail Energy Storage Incentive MWh blocks.

How to Become an Energy Storage Participating Contractor

To become an energy storage participating contractor, you must submit an online contractor applicationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. Contractors will be evaluated based on their experience, their customer references, and performance in this or other New York State or utility programs.

Once NYSERDA approves contractors, they will receive access to submit project applications online. All participating contractors will begin in provisional status until they establish a successful track record of projects under this program.

Download the Program Manual [PDF] for more information about the program and how to apply. 

Participating Contractor Resource Documents