Building Operations and Maintenance Workforce Development Training Program

Building operations and maintenance employees are key to helping managers and owners reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Improving the skills of these employees can significantly increase these benefits while helping meet the State’s energy efficiency and emissions reduction goals.

How It Works

NYSERDA’s Workforce Development and Training program helps employers improve the skills of operations and maintenance staff helping them use less energy and save money. This program provides funding to develop training projects that create educational strategy, on-site training framework, and the tools needed to advance building operations and maintenance workers beyond conventional training.

NYSERDA will provide financial support to eligible projects such as curriculum development, apprenticeships, internships, training trainers, and coaching/mentorships. Applicants should design their projects to build upon employees’ technical skills and reduce facility energy use, while realizing other corporate benefits such as:

  • Reduced equipment downtimes
  • Increased occupant comfort
  • Reduced occupant complaints and tenant turnover
  • Increased numbers of staff with national certifications
  • Opportunities for promotion and career advancement.

NYSERDA will share up to 50 percent of the cost with a cap of $400,000 per application.

Getting Started

Complete program details, including how to apply online, are outlined in Workforce Training: Building Operations & Maintenance (PON 3715).

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