2019 Solicitation Resources

Proposers should use these resources to inform their decisions prior to submitting a Step Two Application for Qualification and a Step Three Bid Proposal to RESRFP19-1.

Site Character and Agricultural Resources

Proposers should use the Site Character Map to inform any attestations made in the Step Three Bid Proposal relating to the subcategory: Project Viability-Site Character. All areas of the map displayed as dark red and green are designated as USDA Prime Farmland. To aid proposers in considering the bid facility’s potential location, tax parcel data has also been provided for counties with data that is available for public distribution.

Further information on USDA Prime Farmlandorganized by region:

To identify parcels that hold an agricultural assessment, proposers should consult the appropriate county assessment roll. Further information on accessing county assessment rolls is available from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance:


These resources can help inform proposers’ decisions regarding project siting.f

Energy Storage Resources

NYSERDA encourages proposers to use these resources to inform decisions regarding projects with energy storage.