Solicitations for Large-Scale Renewables

2020 RES Solicitation

NYSERDA has launched the fourth annual Renewable Energy Standard (RES) request for proposals, RESRFP20-1, to accelerate progress towards Governor Cuomo's goal of generating 70% of New York State’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Through the 2020 solicitation, NYSERDA seeks to procure approximately 1.6 million Tier 1 eligible Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from eligible facilities that enter commercial operation on or after January 1, 2015 and on or before November 30, 2022, unless extended to November 30, 2025.

RESRFP20-1 will be implemented through a two-step process, consisting of:

  1. Step One Eligibility Application, a qualifying step through which the Proposer must provide evidence that the Bid Facility is Tier 1 eligible and other general information about the Proposer and the Bid Facility.
  2. Step Two Bid Proposal, a competitive Bid Proposal step, through which NYSERDA will: (1) examine Bid Proposals to determine whether they demonstrate that the Bid Facility and Proposer meet the Project Viability Threshold Requirements; and (2) for Bid Proposals that meet those minimum requirements, a competitive evaluation based on price and non-price factors. 

Step Two Bid Proposals

All eligible proposers submitted Step One Eligibility Applications to RESRFP20-1 and were qualified to bid by NYSERDA. Step Two Bid Proposals to RESRFP20-1 must be submitted through the solicitation website by October 21, 2020.

Click here to access the RESRFP20-1 solicitation website Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Agricultural Mitigation Resources

NYSERDA has adopted a new approach to addressing concerns relating to solar development and the protection of agricultural lands in Agricultural Districts. Under this new approach, awardees may be responsible for making an agricultural mitigation payment to a designated fund based on the extent to which the solar project footprint overlaps with New York’s highest quality agricultural soils, identified as Mineral Soil Groups classifications 1 through 4 (MSG 1-4). This approach intends to set a benchmark for potential agricultural mitigation payments, which solar project developers can reduce by minimizing the facility’s impact on MSG 1-4 and/or introducing or retaining agricultural productivity on the project site. Instances where Proposers cannot avoid or minimize impacts on MSG 1-4 will result in a payment to a fund administered by NYSERDA in consultation with the Department of Agriculture and Markets to support ongoing regional agricultural practices.

Proposers of solar Bid Facilities under RESRFP20-1 are strongly encouraged to understand their facilities’ overlap with MSG 1-4, and are advised to reference Section 4.1 of the RFP, the revised Appendix 2 – Permitting Plan Requirements and Guidelines, and the resources below to understand the new approach in full and assess the applicability of a potential Agricultural Mitigation Fund Payment to their Bid Facilities.

RESRFP20-1 Map of NYS Mineral Soil Groups classifications 1 through 4 (MSG 1-4)

Downloadable data for MSG 1-4, by REDC Region:

 RESRFP20-1 Proposers’ Webinar

NYSERDA hosted a webinar on this RFP and the submittal process for potential proposers on Tuesday, August 4, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EDT. Please view the presentation [PDF] from the webinar for more information.  

Associated Documents

 Recent Solicitations

Information on the most recent RES solicitations is available here:

Aggregate RES and Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) information is available on the CES Resources webpage and the Large-Scale Renewables Open NY databaseLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Project Siting Resources

These resources can help inform proposers’ decisions regarding project siting.

Operational Flexibility Resources

The following NYISO studies and stakeholder proceedings are encouraged for use to inform Bid Facilities’ Operational Flexibility and Peak Coincidence evaluations under future solicitations, subject to other applicability studies, associated updates, and future changes:

Energy Storage Resources

NYSERDA encourages proposers to use these resources to inform decisions regarding projects with energy storage.