Community Energy Use Data

Pursuant to the Order Adopting the Utility Energy Registry (UER), issued by the New York State Public Service Commission (“Commission”) on April 20, 2018 (CASE 17-M-0315, CASE 16-M-0411, and CASE 14-M-0224), the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is responsible for publishing specified utility generated energy consumption data through the UER. The UER will be an online platform designed to offer streamlined public access to aggregated customer load data for electric and natural gas, segmented by customer type and by municipality. 

Until the UER is launched, NYSERDA is making preliminary community-scale energy consumption data available for download here. Any data not available below has either not been submitted or is currently being vetted for compliance, clarity, and consistency before publication. NYSERDA expects that data submitted after the July 30, 2018 deadline will be available one month after submission. Once the UER system is operational, NYSERDA will provide a future communication to announce the launch.

For general questions about the UER, its history, entities that are required to report, data that will be available, associated privacy considerations, or current status, please refer to the corresponding New York State Department of Public Service (DPS) Case, “In the Matter of the Utility Energy Registry,” which can be found by searching Case# 17-M-0315 on the DPS websiteLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation

Central Hudson 2016-2017 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
Central Hudson 2018 Jan-June [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
Central Hudson 2018 Jul-Dec  [XLSX]

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Consolidated Edison 2016-2017 [XLSX]
Consolidated Edison 2018 Jan-June [XLSX]
Consolidated Edison 2018 Jul-Dec [XLSX]

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation

National Fuel 2016-2017 [XLSX] 
National Fuel Jan-June 2018 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
National Fuel Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]

National Grid

Long Island
National Grid - KEDLI 2016-2017 [XLSX]
National Grid - KEDLI Jan-June 2018 [XLSX]
National Grid - KEDLI Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]

New York City
National Grid - KEDNY 2016-2017 [XLSX]
National Grid - KEDNY Jan-June 2018 [XLSX]
National Grid - KEDNY Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]

National Grid - NIMO 2016-2017 [XLSX]
National Grid - NIMO Jan-June 2018 [XLSX]
National Grid - NIMO Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX] (Updated 7/7/2019)

New York State Electric & Gas Corporation

NYSEG 2016-2017 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
NYSEG Jan-June 2018 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
NYSEG Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.

Orange and Rockland 2016-2017 [XLSX]
Orange and Rockland Jan-June 2018 [XLSX]
Orange and Rockland Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]

PSEG Long Island 

PSEG Long Island Jan-June 2018 [XLSX]
PSEG Long Island Jul-Dec 2018 (DATA PENDING)

Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation

RG&E 2016-2017 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
RG&E Jan-June 2018 [XLSX] (Updated 3/14/2019)
RG&E Jul-Dec 2018 [XLSX]