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Energy Storage for Your Business


Energy storage can help you lower your electricity bill, meet basic resiliency requirements, and ensure electricity is available when your needs are the highest.

Whether installed alone or paired with another on-site generation resource like solar, fuel cells, or combined heat and power energy storage can maximize the benefits of clean generation to be a cost-effective solution.

Benefits of Storage

  • Shift electric demand needs to low-cost off-peak periods, charging from the grid during off-peak times and discharging when electricity costs are highest
  • Maximize financial value of participation in utility load relief programs like demand response
  • Provide high power quality without fluctuations in voltage, frequency or short duration outages
  • Save early morning solar generation for use on-site or to export for grid compensation when it is more valuable later in the day

Incentives and Financing

Find a ContractorNYSERDA offers a single up-front payment at a fixed incentive amount per kilowatt hour (kWh) of usable energy storage for projects up to 5 megawatts (MW). The incentives vary throughout the State. Our energy storage incentive dashboard provides the incentive amount by region. To access incentives, you must work with a participating contractor.

Financing may also be accessed through Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing programs. PACE uses authority given to a municipality to offer financing for property owners to fund energy efficiency and renewable energy projects including energy storage on existing commercial structures.

Who is Eligible

  • Small businesses
  • Large commercial and industrial businesses
  • Demand metered customers installing standalone storage or adding storage to a completed solar project
  • Pay into System Benefits Charge (SBC) on your electric utility bill or be a customer of PSEG Long Island in Nassau or Suffolk County.

How to Participate

Incentives for all retail storage projects are provided through a network of participating contractors approved under the Energy Storage program, who will contract directly with you.

To receive the energy storage incentive, you must work with a participating contractor who will apply for the incentive on your behalf.

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For additional information on energy storage opportunities email us at energystorage@nyserda.ny.gov or call 866-NYSERDA