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Community Campaigns

Local governments can undertake community campaign to increase access to clean energy in the jurisdiction through group purchasing, locally-organized community education and outreach, and a limited time offer. 

  • Fact Sheet [PDF]
    This fact sheet provides a brief description of the Community Campaigns high-impact action along with the benefits communities can expect to achieve.  
  • Step-by-Step Guidance [PDF]
    The slide presentation provides an overview of the Clean Energy Communities Program as well as a detailed description and step-by-step guidance for implementing the Community Campaigns action.
  • Community Campaigns Scoping Document - Version 5 [DOCX]
    This scoping document must be completed and submitted to earn credit for this action. The purpose is to help local government officials, campaign teams, and NYSERDA clearly understand the individual jurisdiction’s goals and objectives, milestones, and deliverables, as well as the roles and responsibilities of project partners, to help ensure the success of the campaign.
  • Template List of Campaign Customers [XLSX]
    This spreadsheet may be required to earn credit for this action. This is a template where communities will list the customers that resulted from the campaign within your jurisdiction.

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