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Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Accelerated Efficiency Program


C&I Accelerated Efficiency seeks impactful energy reduction and beneficial electrification projects from existing facilities within the industrial and commercial sectors that have annual energy costs of at least $500,000 (industrial) or $1 million (commercial) and that will install by the end of 2025. Eligible projects include the following:

  • Energy efficiency improvements 
  • Process efficiency improvements
  • Energy/heat recovery
  • Ground source (geothermal) and air source heat pumps
  • Electrification of thermal loads
  • Energy Management Systems and controls
  • Operations & Maintenance improvements

The purpose of this program is to achieve significant energy and carbon emission reductions on an accelerated timeline by providing large customers with flexible funding streams.

How it Works

Incentives are awarded on a competitive basis. Proposers are required to identify an energy saving goal, the projects they will complete to meet that target, and the cost-share they are requesting from NYSERDA (lower cost-share requests will be scored more favorably).

Available awards range from $500,000 to $5 million. Selection will be based on ranked scores that will prioritize large thermal energy savings (net MMBtu savings), emissions savings, cost effectiveness, peak load reduction, and accelerated installations (by 2025). The most competitive projects will be selected via ranked scores and awards will be calculated based on proposal request, capped at 50% of private investment amount.

When You Should Consider It

Participating in the C&I Accelerated Efficiency program could be beneficial for large commercial and industrial businesses if they are:

  • Working to significantly cut energy and emissions on an accelerated timeline
  • Looking for flexible funding streams that help cover project costs when incurred
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce facility maintenance and operational costs
  • Pursuing net-zero energy, electrification, or recognition for sustainability
  • Considering ways to demonstrate leadership and innovation by adopting clean energy technologies


C&I Accelerated Efficiency is available to the industrial and commercial sectors in New York State. While other subsectors are eligible, this program targets key manufacturing industries and commercial campus settings, such as: paper; petroleum; primary metals; non-metallic minerals; chemicals; food; fabricated metal products; transportation equipment; computers and electronics; college and university campuses; and health care facility campuses. Support operations, such as warehousing and distribution sites, mining, and extraction, as well as water and wastewater, are also eligible. Multifamily and residential sectors are not eligible.

Other eligibility requirements include:

  • All participating sites identified in the proposal must pay the electric System Benefits Charge (SBC) and have annual energy costs (all fuels) of at least $500,000 (Industrial) or $1 million (Commercial).
  • New construction is not eligible.
  • While third party advisors or consultants are permitted to assist in preparing proposals, they are not eligible proposers.
  • Work conducted prior to the execution of an Agreement between NYSERDA, and the proposer is not eligible for cost-reimbursement.
  • The total award request cannot exceed 50% of the project cost. Proposals that request less than 50% cost share will be reviewed more favorably. 
  • Ineligible projects include power quality, power factor, lighting, and projects that derive benefits from the decommissioning of equipment due to a reduction of work/production.
  • On-site renewable energy systems, alternative fuels, carbon capture, utilization, and storage are not eligible projects under this program and should consider application to NYSERDA’s Commercial & Industrial Carbon Challenge Program.

How to Apply

Proposals are due by August 31, 2023, by 3:00 p.m. EST. Interested commercial and industrial applicants can apply online.

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