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Become a Participating Contractor


Follow this process to join the program, take advantage of benefits and start completing jobs through the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and EmPower New York Programs.

Step 1: Read the Participation Agreement and Sign Signature Form

Read the current Participation Agreement in its entirety. To apply for participation, you will need to download, complete, sign, and submit the Participation Agreement Signature Form.

Step 2: Purchase diagnostic equipment

You'll need to lease or purchase diagnostic equipment, including a blower door, computer software and other tools. You may also want to invest in equipment such as an insulation blower to help you complete energy efficiency projects.

Step 3: Market your services

NYSERDA invests in marketing outreach throughout New York to promote our participating contractors. This helps generate leads for participating contractors—which come through listings on NYSERDA’s website and hotline referral database. In EmPower New York, you will be able to access direct leads passed on to you from NYSERDA.

Step 4: Perform home energy assessments

The home energy assessment is a top-to-bottom examination of a home’s energy efficiency performance—and a cornerstone of home performance contracting. Every home performance project you complete will begin with a home energy assessment.

The home assessment is provided at no cost to the customer (NYSERDA pays the contractor directly), so home assessments are an excellent tool for promotion and sales.

Step 5: Do Home Performance work

Following the home assessment, Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors will provide your customers with a report explaining the energy efficiency performance of their home. This report becomes each customer’s roadmap for moving forward with energy efficiency improvements. Instead of one-shot work on a single aspect of your customers’ homes, you’ll develop long-term relationships where you provide solutions to problems. In terms of revenue and customer satisfaction, that’s a big difference.

EmPower New York contractors will perform a home assessment and submit recommendations to the Program for review and approval prior to installing the energy efficiency measures at the home.