Mid- and High-Rise Multifamily Buildings

The need for efficient, resilient, durable housing in New York State with healthy indoor air quality is greater than ever.

The Multifamily New Construction Program provides technical assistance and incentives to high-rise, multifamily residential builders and developers who construct to high energy-efficiency standards including net-zero energy buildings, which are designed to produce as much energy as they use.

NYSERDA has made a total of $11 million available. Higher levels of support will be allocated to buildings for low- to moderate-income residents. The program supports solar and other renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures such as increased insulation and improved air-sealing; high-efficiency heating, cooling, and balanced ventilation systems; and energy-saving appliances and lighting.

To be eligible, new construction or gut rehab multifamily building(s) projects must be four or more stories. NYSERDA also has a program for low-rise buildings, typically defined as buildings with three or fewer stories.

How It Works

Building developers (considered Applicants in this program) must engage with or hire a Primary Energy Consultant to act as their primary resource for technical services and in general support of their participation.

Prior to submitting a Project Application to NYSERDA, the Partner can work with the potential Applicant to establish eligibility and estimated incentives, which may be subject to a per project cap. Higher incentives are offered for projects if occupants will meet the low to moderate income criteria detailed in the Multifamily New Construction Program SummaryLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. Projects must achieve approved performance targets and meet program requirements to receive applicable NYSERDA incentives.

The Mid- and High-Rise New Construction program offers increased incentives and higher project funding caps through the Clean Energy Action Plan to customers affected by a natural gas constraint. This includes Con Edison customers in Southern Westchester and NYSEG customers in Lansing, NY that currently pay into the System Benefits Charge.

For complete program details view the current solicitation.

Visit the Clean Energy Action Plan page to learn more and determine eligibility.

Developers can receive technical assistance, and financial incentives if they build to high efficiency standards, up to and including net zero buildings, by following one of these compliance paths, which are described in the Multifamily New Construction Program Guidelines below:

  • Performance Path with ENERGY STAR®
  • Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)
  • Passive House Institute (PHI)
  • Modified Prescriptive Path (MoPP)

Building performance is as much a function of proper building management as the design and construction. Therefore, after the project is complete, the developer or building owner must commit to benchmarking their building in Portfolio Manager software for a period of two years.

Who Can Apply

Building Developers

Developers must hire a Primary Energy Consultant, which is a technical consulting firm that has met the standards established by NYSERDA. Partners are the Applicant’s direct liaison to NYSERDA. 

Primary Energy Consultants

Technical consulting firms can apply to NYSERDA to become a Primary Energy Consultant and help builders and developers build energy efficient and net zero multifamily buildings by responding to Request For Proposal (RFP) 3771.

How to Apply

Project Applications are available for submission through Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 3716.


NYSERDA will accept applications through December 31, 2018, or until funding is exhausted, whichever comes first.

Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

Our staff is here to help you throughout the entire application process. Get in touch with us at NewConstructionProgram@nyserda.ny.gov or call (800) 284-9069.

Associated Documents

The following documents provide full details about the program and how to apply: