Resources for Participating Contractors

Contractor resources such as ProForma worksheets and instructions on required document submissions are available below for each NYSERDA program that offers access to residential financing.

Proforma Worksheets and Required Document Submissions

Comfort Home projects:

  • ProForma Financial Workbook [XLSM]
  • Submit the following directly to EFS:
    • Contract signed by both you and the customer
    • Completion Report with the NYSERDA claim number

Market-Rate Energy Efficiency projects:

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (AHPwES) Projects:

  • ProForma Financial Workbook [XLSM]
    • This may be used as a pre-screening tool to determine Financing cost-effectiveness and loan payments prior to submitting the workscope through the NYSERDA HP PortalLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. but is not a required document
  • Submit the following through the NYSERDA HP Portal:
    • Workscope HPXML package
    • Contract (if requested in NYSERDA HP Portal)
    • Refer to Loan Calculator in Workscope Screening and Approval stage for Loan cost-effectiveness and eligibility information
    • Upon completion of project, submit Completion HPXML package, signed contract, signed Eligibility Summary Report, Customer Information Form, and Post-Installation Health and Safety test results form

NYS Clean Heat Statewide Heat Pump Program Projects:

Renewable Heat New York projects:

Solar projects:

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan

For contractors offering the Bridge Loan, please provide each customer with the NYSERDA Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit Bridge Loan Notice [PDF].