Solarize Your Community

Shared solar panels


Solarize campaigns are locally organized community outreach efforts aimed at getting a group of homes and businesses in one area to go solar. When groups of neighbors—including residents and businesses—learn about solar and the installation together, the result is an easier process and better pricing. NYSERDA offers technical assistance, marketing materials, and other support for Solarize campaigns.

The material below provides additional information on Solarize, how to apply, and participate in a Solarize campaign. If you have additional questions, please email or to receive updates, join our mailing list.

General Information

Solarize Campaign Templates and Tips

Once you have established a campaign, use the following templates and tips to creating a request for proposals from solar installers, do outreach to media, and market your campaign to new members.

Installer Request for Proposal (RFP)

Marketing Materials

Outreach Resources

Tips for Working with Media