New York State
Offshore Wind

Offshore wind energy is poised to become a major source of affordable, renewable power for New York State, especially on Long Island and in the New York City metropolitan area, where demand on the grid is greatest. Generating electricity with wind turbines located off of New York’s Atlantic coast has the potential to provide up to 39,000 megawatts (MW) of clean power for the State, enough to power 15 million homes.

Benefits of offshore wind include:

  • Clean, locally produced power where demand is highest
  • Significant investments in coastal infrastructure and communities
  • The opportunity for thousands of short- and long-term skilled construction, manufacturing, and operations jobs
  • Renewable energy generation close to a densely populated region
  • Diversified electricity supply

New York State is working diligently to ensure that offshore wind is developed in the most responsible and cost-effective way possible. With a world-class workforce, unmatched intellectual capital, physical infrastructure and financial institutions, and national clean energy policy leadership, New York plans to become a hub for the United States’ emerging offshore wind energy industry.