Solar for All

Apply TodaySolar energy is now more available than ever before with community solar. Solar for All offers eligible households the opportunity to subscribe to community solar at no cost. Program participants receive monthly credits on their electricity bills and there are no upfront costs, fees, or payments to participate.

How It Works

Community solar projects are an array of solar panels installed in a sunny, offsite location. Community solar allows you benefits from solar without installing panels on your home.

  1. 1
    solar panels
    Solar panels are installed at a site in your community.
  2. 2
    transmission to a building
    The clean energy is then fed into the local power grid.
  3. 3
    transmission to a home
    You continue to get electricity from your utility, with no need to install or maintain panels on your home or property.
  4. 4
    a letter in an envelope
    As a program participant, you receive credits on your electric bill at no cost to you.

Why Join Solar for All

  • It’s free: Join a community solar project for free and start receiving clean energy, with no sign-up or on-going costs
  • You’ll save money: Make your resources go further. Monthly bill credits on your electricity bill save you money, so you can spend it where you really need it
  • It’s easy: No fees, monthly sign-up, equipment installation and maintenance, or need to change anything with your utility
  • It’s flexible: No long-term commitment and the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time without penalty or payment
  • You’ll help your community: Promote a cleaner environment for your family and community by reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Get Started & Apply

  1. See if you're eligible 
  2. Apply to the program—you’ll need the following information:
  3. Receive eligibility notification within a few days of submitting your application
  4. Get assigned to a community solar project—timing may vary based on project availability.  If a project isn’t available in your area, you will be put on a waitlist until a project becomes available near your community
  5. Start receiving credits on your electricity bill, reducing your monthly utility costs


For questions about Solar for All or to request a paper application, please email us at or call 1-877-NYSMART.