Solar Value Stack Calculator

Solar Value Stack Calculator
(revision 1.7) [XLSB]
NY-Sun developed the Solar Value Stack Calculator to help contractors better estimate compensation for specific solar projects.

We will periodically update the calculator—please revisit this page regularly to ensure you are using the most recent version. To download the calculator, you will need a recent version of Microsoft Excel.

For a detailed overview of the calculator and instructions on how to correctly use it, download our Solar Value Stack Calculator Overview [PDF].

The updates in revision 1.7 (revised 6/18/2018) include:

  • Corrected issue where, when 3-year average LBMP was selected, rates were undercalculated
  • Added NYSEG Tranche 4 for CDG
  • Updated ICAP Alternative 2 with Summer 2017 rates
  • Corrected National Grid 2017 top 10 peak hours
  • Clarified note on daylight savings time on Documentation tab
  • Improved calculator run time

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