Solar Value Stack Calculator

NY-Sun developed the Solar Value Stack Calculator to help contractors better estimate compensation for specific solar projects. We will periodically update the calculator—please revisit this page regularly to ensure you are using the most recent version. To download the calculator, you will need a recent version of Microsoft Excel.

The New Order version of the calculator includes the changes specified in DPS’s April 2019 Value Stack Order, and is meant for projects that qualify under the new rules. The Legacy Value Stack Calculator is for projects that qualified under the legacy value stack. For more details on qualifying dates and eligibility, please see the resources on NYSERDA’s Value Stack main page.

The New Order Calculator contains the following changes.

Revision 2.1:

  • Revision 2.0 of the New Order Calculator (launched 5/10/2019) incorrectly double-counted the value of solar energy used to charge batteries. This issue has been corrected.
  • No changes to the Legacy Calculator, as the above issue was not applicable. The Legacy Calculator has been renamed Revision 2.1 so that both calculators are on the same revision number.

Revision 2.0:

  • New data added – 2018 LBMP, solar profiles, and capacity values added
  • Community Credit added
  • DRV rules changed to reflect fixed peak windows.  Users can specify different DRV rates for Years 1-10, 11-20, and 21-25
  • ICAP rates calculated with the new methodology specified by DPS
  • All data is now in Eastern Standard Time, not Eastern Prevailing time.  Users can now copy-paste their own annual hourly data without manually adjusting for daylight savings time
  • Added a new user input for Interconnection Limit.  This prevents systems with both PV and storage from having both exporting at a level beyond the project’s interconnection limit
  • Project revenue shown in 2019 dollars, not 2017 dollars
  • Option for PV Plus Storage projects to optimize for both ICAP Alt 2 and DRV
  • File size reduced by about 6MB
  • Minor cleanup – removed some legacy items, updated text fields and documentation 

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