Multifamily Performance Program (MPP)

Performance Pays - Big Time

The Multifamily Performance Program (MPP), the marquee program in NYSERDA's Multifamily Energy Performance Portfolio, is available for multifamily buildings with five or more units and four or more floors. Both market-rate and affordable-rent buildings are eligible. The program provides property owners, builders, co-op and condo governing boards the expertise, technology and incentives to permanently improve their building’s energy performance through proven technologies.

Incentives come in the form of per unit payments. Existing buildings that project at least 20% energy reduction in the Energy Reduction Plan may also be eligible for an additional Performance payment.

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Enhance Your Bottom Line

  • Save at least 15 percent on annual energy bills (many buildings save substantially more; new building construction will save 25 percent over similar projects)
  • Increase your long-term property value; your building is easier to maintain as well as healthier and more comfortable for tenants
  • Earn generous incentives to help you pay for the upgrades
  • Existing buildings can take advantage of low-interest loans to finance the balance of the work
  • Start with a Benchmarking Report; learn how your building stacks up and how to make low-cost improvements

For existing buildings and new construction

Program elements are customized depending on whether you are making energy upgrades to an existing building or are developing a new property. Projects considered “gut-rehabs” may be eligible for the new construction program. Learn more about each program:

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Expertise to guide you throughout the process

NYSERDA works with a network of Multifamily Performance Partners who can help you determine the best upgrades for long-term ROI. They’ll also show you how to take full advantage of NYSERDA incentives to reduce your upfront costs. Your Partner will be an unbiased voice throughout the process, serving as an advocate, expert and guide from application to project completion.

Read the success stories

Read about multifamily buildings that have achieved significant savings through the Multifamily Performance Program:

New Construction

  • Habitat for Humanity-NYC Atlantic Avenue multifamily project –a 25 percent improvement in energy use, a prestigious Gold certification from LEED, and predictable, affordable tenant energy bills for this 41-unit complex in Ocean Hill-Brownsville section of Brooklyn. Download the Atlantic Avenue case study [PDF].
  • 1212 Martin Luther King Building –state-of-the-art building in the Bronx’s Highbridge neighborhood achieved an ENERGY STAR® rating and affordable rates for its tenants through a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency measures, which added only $3/sq ft to the $145/sq ft cost of the building, and will return upwards of $12,000 per year in energy savings. Download the Martin Luther King Building case study [PDF].
  • Via Verde – The Multifamily Performance Program was an integral part of a larger initiative to develop this cutting-edge green building in The Bronx. Developers earned more than $600,000 in NYSERDA incentives to design energy-efficient features into Via Verde, which also has several green roofs and a large solar array. View the Via Verde video Case Study.

Existing Buildings

  • Rose May Manor – Guy Demascole first purchased this Pulaski, NY apartment complex in total disrepair. However, a comprehensive rehabilitation project, including energy efficiency upgrades through NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Portfolio, transformed the property into a high-demand tenant destination. Taking advantage of over $98,000 in incentives and financing for the balance, Demascole made full-scale energy upgrades that slashed the building’s energy usage by 39%. Now, tenants enjoy low energy costs and high-quality of living – which, in turn, has generated a significant word-of-mouth effect.
  • Grant Village Apartments – three dated, failing atmospheric boilers for 520 apartments across 45 buildings were upgraded to a decentralized approach that saved 25 percent and $293,643 in electricity and natural gas costs for this complex in Syracuse. Download the Grant Village case study [PDF].
  • Saranac Lake Building – the mixed-use residential and commercial building at 135 Broadway in Saranac Lake turned around a long period of deferred maintenance and high energy bills with a comprehensive plan that cut energy use by 27 percent and delivered annual savings of $6,495. Projected payback time: 6.8 years. Download the Saranac Lake Case Study [PDF].
  • Trump Tower at City Center – Just a few years after this White Plains high-rise was built, residents saw energy bills that were dramatically higher than expected. After completing a comprehensive energy upgrade project that improved lighting and added a combined heat and power unit, the building slashed energy use by 21 percent.
  • AC Lofts – This 91-unit apartment complex was originally home to Buffalo's historic Alling and Cory paper warehouse. Now it's a thriving modern living space, complete with comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades including newly insulated walls and roofing, improved lighting and fixtures, motion sensors, water source heat pumps and energy-efficient appliances and motors. Since the renovation, the building has cut energy usage by an impressive 32 percent. And if that wasn't enough of a testament to its success, the complex has also garnered several awards for its role in the revitalization of downtown Buffalo. Download the full AC Lofts case study [PDF].


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About NYSERDA’s Programs for Multifamily Buildings

ENERGY STAR LogoNYSERDA offers a portfolio of programs and incentives for owners, facility managers, developers and condo/co-op boards of multifamily buildings with five or more units. Our initiatives make it easier to assess, fund, implement and measure energy efficiency upgrades that improve building performance and your bottom line. Learn more about the Multifamily Performance Program.

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Green Jobs Green NYParticipate in NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program and take advantage of funding for whole-building energy assessments and low-cost financing for energy upgrades through Green Jobs – Green NY. Green Jobs – Green NY is a statewide effort to strengthen our communities through energy efficiency. It enables New Yorkers to make a significant difference in our homes, businesses and neighborhoods—making them more comfortable, more sustainable, and more economically sound. Green Jobs – Green NY is administered by NYSERDA and made available by the Green Jobs – Green New York Act of 2009.

Last Updated: 10/30/2014