NY Prize

NY Prize is a first-in-the-nation $40 million competition to engage communities in advancing plans for local power infrastructure to reduce costs, promote clean energy, reliability and resiliency.

NY Prize will inspire a new generation of local power by challenging New York communities, businesses, entrepreneurs, and electric utilities to design and implement community-based microgrids, which offer energy independence as well as local power generation and distribution. The competition will spur new business models and community partnerships with the private sector to increase reliability and reduce costs for consumers.

Microgrids are local energy networks that are able to fully separate from the larger electrical grid during extreme weather events and emergencies, providing vital public services and power to residential customers and critical operators such as hospitals, first responders and water treatment facilities.

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NY Prize Leadership Team

Micah Kotch has been named Director of NYPrize and Strategic Adviser for Innovation.  He will design, and oversee NY Prize, helping to catalyze the innovation and entrepreneurship necessary to transform the State’s electric power infrastructure. Mr. Kotch joins NY Prize after serving five years as Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Resilient Economy (NYC ACRE) at New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering.  Mr. Kotch was instrumental in the successful launch of several early stage renewable energy and clean technology companies that enhanced the reliability of the State’s grid, created jobs and inspired K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math educators and students.

John Saintcross has been named Assistant Director of NY Prize.  Mr. Saintcross has vast experience in electric utility resource planning and renewable energy development and was instrumental in the design and execution of New York’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.  He will continue to manage NYSERDA’s nationally-recognized smart grid research and development efforts.

Next Steps

This Fall, the NY Prize leadership team is expected to join utility partners and State officials among others on a tour of the State to engage communities to gain a better understanding of consumer needs, modernization of critical infrastructure, and new ways utilities will interact with their customers. The tour is expected to make stops at various locations across the State that could be good examples of community energy project locations.

NY Prize Competition details and community tour dates will be announced in Fall 2014.

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Last Updated: 10/22/2014