Commercial New Construction Program

The Commercial New Construction Program provides technical support to design teams and financial incentives to commercial and industrial building owners who are planning the construction of new and substantially renovated buildings in New York State.

A NYSERDA-contracted Outreach Project Consultant is available to help explain the New Construction Program more thoroughly and help identify the assistance available for the project.

Assistance may be available for commissioning services.

For more information, see PON 1601 Rev1.

Apply through the Consolidated Funding Application.

Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency Improvements

The following documents provide more information about the New Construction Program Incentives under PON 1601 Rev 1.

Available Funds for New Construction Program, PON 1501 and PON 1601

There are still funds available for incentives for PON 1501 and PON 1601 customers (see table below). As the New Construction Program (NCP) is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, (i.e., until the energy analysis is complete and a formal offer has been provided to the customer), NYSERDA will update the committed incentives on a quarterly basis. When the available funds fall below 25% of the total budget we will begin to update the amounts at 5% intervals.

Available funding for PON 1501 and PON 1601 as of 2/17/15:

Incentives Amount
1501 Incentives Budget $49,681,592.00
Available Funds Left 29% - $14,493,864.32
1501 GAS Incentives Budget $2,998,335.00
Available Funds Left 21% - $631,840.48
1601 Incentives Budget $90,981,268.00
Available Funds Left 88% - $74,811,814.40

If you have any questions about funding availability for your specific project please contact your Outreach Project Consultant (OPC). 

Case Studies

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