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Small Business/Not-for-Profit Assessments and Financing

NYSERDA offers technical and financial assistance to help small businesses and not-for-profits improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

NYSERDA’s small business and not-for-profit programs are designed to:

  • Help small businesses and not-for-profits identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency
  • Recommend improvements to reduce energy costs
  • Provide financial incentives to reduce the cost of energy efficient technologies and systems
  • Offer low-interest energy efficiency project financing

NYSERDA’s dedicated energy experts can assist customers in accessing programs designed specifically for small businesses and not-for-profits.

Energy Efficiency Programs for the Small Business
and Not-for-Profit Sectors

  • Small Commercial Energy Assessments offers free energy assessments for small businesses and not-for-profits to help them identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and recommend improvements to reduce energy costs.
  • Existing Facilities Program has Pre-Qualified Incentives available to customers interested in purchasing and installing energy efficient equipment such as lighting, HVAC and variable frequency drives at their facility.
  • Small Commercial Energy Efficiency Financing works with lenders statewide to provide eligible small businesses and not-for-profits with access to low-interest energy efficiency project financing.

Other NYSERDA Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Multifamily Performance Program offers building owners financial and technical assistance to help reduce energy use in multifamily buildings for apartment buildings of five units or more.
  • New Construction Program can provide assistance when incorporating energy-efficiency measures into the design, construction, and operation of new and substantially renovated buildings. Incentives are available for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment that reduces electric energy consumption in new and substantially renovated buildings.
Last Updated: 07/24/2013