2011 Closed Opportunities

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  • PON 2392 [PDF]
    Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Support
  • PON 2373 [PDF]
    Distributed Generation as Combined Heat and Power (DG-CHP)
  • PON 2357 [PDF]
    High Efficiency Wood Pellet Boiler Heating Demonstration
  • PON 2331 [PDF]
    Development of New Bioproducts and Biofuels in New York State
  • PON 2314 [PDF]
    Advancing Livable Communities through Sustainable Transportation
  • PON 2309 [PDF]
    2011 New York ENERGY STAR® Homes
  • PON 2301 [PDF]
    Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Demonstration Program
  • PON 2298 [PDF]
    Solid - State Lighting Research, Development & Demonstrations
  • PON 2271 [PDF]
    Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • PON 2264 [PDF]
    Clean Tech Executive Transition for Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • PON 2254 [PDF]
    Building Envelope Strategies for Advancing Deep Energy Retrofits
  • PON 2250 [PDF]
    Innovation in the Manufacturing of Clean Energy Technologies
  • PON 2244 [PDF]
    Environmentally Preferred Power Systems Technologies
  • PON 2219 [PDF]
    Heating and Cooling
  • PON 2202 [PDF]
    Reducing the Energy and Carbon Footprint of Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems in New York State
  • PON 2197 [PDF]
    EMEP Program: Air Quality Research
  • PON 2156 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Customer-Sited Tier Regional Program
  • PON 2097 [PDF]
    Customer-Sited Wind Turbine Incentive Program
  • PON 2058 [PDF]
    New York City Private Fleet Diesel Retrofit Program
  • PON 1927 [PDF]
    NYSERDA Growth Capital Business Partners
  • PON 1913 [PDF]
    Electric Power Transmission and Distribution (EPTD) Smart Grid Program
  • PON 1816 [PDF]
    Workforce Development Training for Energy Efficiency Program - Version 3.0 $1,650,000 GJGNY + $3,812,410 EEPS Funds Available
  • PON 1772 [PDF]
    Next Generation Emerging Technologies for End-Use Efficiency
  • PON 1606 [PDF]
    Residential Fund Program
  • PON 1176 [PDF]
    Renewable, Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency Product Manufacturing Incentive Program
  • PON 1151 [PDF]
    Innovations in Demand Response, Load Management and Dynamic Pricing
  • PON 1093 [PDF]
    New York State Bio-Fuel Station Initiative: Driving Energy Independence for the Empire State
  • PON 1059 [PDF]
    Business Partners Commercial Lighting Program Incentives


  • RFP 2391 [PDF]
    Cleaner, Greener Communities Regional Sustainability Planning Program
  • RFP 2389 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Program Purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes
  • RFP 2329 [PDF]
    Development of a Biomass Heating Roadmap for New York
  • RFP 2327 [PDF]
    Green Jobs Green New York Outreach Program
  • RFP 2326 [PDF]
    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources Potential Study
  • RFP 2325 [PDF]
    Impact Evaluation Contractor
  • RFP 2324 [PDF]
    Survey Data Collection Contractor for Evaluation of NYSERDA Programs
  • RFP 2323 [PDF]
    Process and Market Evaluation Contractor
  • RFP 2280 [PDF]
    Quality Assurance Services for NYSERDA RES Advanced Technology Solar Programs
  • RFP 2270 [PDF]
    Audit Services
  • RFP 2228 [PDF]
    Better Buildings Sub-Grants to Small Municipalities American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
  • RFP 2226 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Program Purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes
  • RFP 2198 [PDF]
    Green Jobs - Green New York Master Loan Services
  • RFP 2141 [PDF]
    Climate Smart Communities Regional Coordinators Pilot
  • RFP 2038 [PDF]
    Green Jobs - Green New York Outreach Program
  • RFP 1810 [PDF]
    Economic and Environmental Impacts Evaluation


  • RFQ 2241 [PDF]
    Fellowship to Assess Long-Term Monitoring Programs for Sulfur, Nitrogen and Mercury Deposition and Impacts in New York State
  • RFQ 2195 [PDF]
    Nuclear Safety Specialist
  • RFQ 1303 [PDF]
    Modeling Software for use in the New York Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
  • RFQ 1287 [PDF]
    Home Energy Rating System Providers for the New York ENERGY STAR® Homes Program