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Automation of demand response via the Internet and OpenADR for targeted utility reliability and low cost mobilization of flexible small commercial building loads.(22953)

Calm Energy Inc.


Curtailment service providers have registered the low hanging commercial and industrial flexible load for ‘capacity-type’ demand response programs. In the future a smart-utility may procure highly targeted, integrated and automated demand response assets, Targeted Reliability AutoDR, to cost effectively support the reliability of the transmission and distribution system. Advanced distribution automation and modeling applications such as Integrated System Models will reveal where DR is needed most and how to use it most efficiently, especially in emergency and contingency situations. Small commercial air conditioning is a highly valuable and repeatable DR resource coincident with peak and may be ideal for Targeted Reliability AutoDR. Still, the transactional costs, such as in-person sales, controls installation, etc. are high, therefore requiring a low-cost standardized and automated control and engagement approach. Non-metering methods can be established to deem quantities of demand response available from these aggregations. Low cost and built-in equipment control hardware, existing customer IP communications, data interface standards, like OpenADR, make aggregation of these loads possible.

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Project Description

To develop non-proprietary Energy Interoperability specifications for integration with Con Edison’s pilot demand response notification system, still underdevelopment as part of Con Edison’s DOE Smart Grid Demonstration project. The Energy Interoperability specifications will include an OASIS OpenADR-based data model, cyber security protocols and mapping of any necessary business process. This project will also prove the concept that a cloud-based OpenADR demand response and building load management service (concentrating on HVAC) can reduce small commercial building’s utility bills and provide demand response. A software platform will provide small commercial demand response customers with internet-based self-service for enrollment, registration, asset control and measurement and verification to support DR participation, as well as supply/bid decision support. The contractor, CALM Energy, Inc., is a participant on Con Edison’s ARRA funded DOE Smart Grid Demonstration Grant where their scope is to demonstrate a number of integrated system model based applications/algorithms include predictive system risk modeling and analysis and contingency response orchestration. CALM’s vision is to provide Con Edison high value targeted demand response resources that are able to be modeled in planning with a high degree of reliability based on their software-as-a-service platform.


* Develop and demonstrate a non-proprietary OpenADR based Energy Interoperability and cyber security specification interfacing demand response to Con Edison’s demand response notification server. * Develop and test a method to streamline enrollment and control of demand response from small commercial resources for operation and verification for current and future Targeted Reliability AutoDR.

Project Results


Calm Energy Inc.
10 West 47th Street Unit 206A
New York, NY 10036

Principle Investigator

John Johnson

Universities Involved


Project Type:

Product Development

Technologies Types:

Electric Power Delivery

NYSERDA Contact Information

Anthony Abate


R&D - Buildings Research

Contract Details

Start Date: 10/28/2011
Project Status: Active
Contract Number: 22953

Last Updated: 2/8/2013 8