Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What certification is required to become a Home Energy Rater?

A: All Home Energy Raters must successfully complete training by a RESNET-accredited rater training organization. Once training is complete, you are required to take the RESNET National Rater Test and receive a score of 80% or better. This test is used to demonstrate your practical, working ability and knowledge of building science concepts and rating procedures.

Q: Where can I find a Home Energy Rating Provider who participates in the New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program?

A: There are a number of participants who can provide technical assistance and conduct Home Energy Ratings in New York State. Use our Resource Locator Map to find an ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Energy Rating Provider near you.

Q: What kind of support and Home Energy Rater training is available?

A: To become a Home Energy Rater partnered with NYSERDA, and be authorized to serve builders in the New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program, you must first complete the necessary training through a training provider accredited by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). NYSERDA partners with several RESNET-accredited Home Energy Training Providers to prepare students for the RESNET National Rater Certification.

Last Updated: 02/15/2013