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Geo-Eligibility for Lower Interest Rates


The GJGNY Residential Financing Program offered lower interest rates for borrowers with household income of less than or equal to 120% of the Area Median Income (AMI). To streamline and simplify the application process for consumers, NYSERDA uses a geographic eligibility determination to qualify consumers for lower interest rate loans.

Using the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Income Block Data, NYSERDA has identified Census Block Groups where census data reports that 50% or more of the population of the Census Block Group have a household income <=120% (Designated Areas).

If an applicant’s address is located within a Designated Area, he/she will be deemed eligible for the lower interest rate and will not have to provide documentation of household income. The applicant/co-applicant will still have to provide income documentation for debt-to-income calculation, if applicable, in accordance with NYSERDA’s underwriting guidelines.

The interactive map below shows the Designated Areas in blue. Enter an address in the search address box below to determine if it is in a Designated Area. You can zoom in/out to identify portions of counties, cities, towns, and neighborhoods that are identified as Designated Areas.

Enter your customer's address below to see if they are eligible for lower interest financing based on location of their residence.