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Advanced Buildings Program

Develops energy-efficient, building-related technology, including next-generation HVAC and smart building technologies, and business models for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

Clean Heating and Cooling Communities

Support for communities to increase customer awareness of CH&C technologies, reduce installed costs, and jump-start the market by implementing multi-year campaigns consisting of community-based outreach and education focused on CH&C.

Clean Heating and Cooling Screenings for Large Buildings

Offers free screenings for eligible customers to assess the potential benefits of installing clean, efficient alternatives to natural gas for heating and cooling their buildings.

Clean Transportation Program

Supports the development, demonstration, and deployment of innovative transportation technologies and strategies that increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental Research Program

Supports monitoring and assessment of environmental conditions, informs policy, and fosters technological innovation related to energy use and production.

NY Prize

Helps communities create microgrids - standalone energy systems that can operate independently in the event of a power outage - through a first-in-the-nation competition.

Smart Grid Program

Supports the modernization of New York State’s electric grid through innovative technology and distributed energy resources.