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Community Solar


Save with Solar without Installing Panels

Community solar allows New Yorkers to save money every month on their electric bills. Unlike traditional solar, where an array is installed on your roof or property, community solar is installed at an offsite location. You can subscribe to the community solar project and receive credits on your regular electric bill for the clean energy produced. Everyone, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can save money by accessing the clean energy produced by these solar farms.

To start saving, select a community solar subscription plan that works for you. You will keep your current electric utility and start seeing a credit on your monthly bill based on how much energy is generated by your community solar project.

Find a Community Solar Project

Community solar is available to New Yorkers in your area. Use our tool below to find community solar providers offering subscriptions.

  1. Select your utility provider. The results will show the providers offering community solar in your utility’s service territory.
  2. Explore the list. Providers are listed alphabetically with a link to their website where you can learn about availability, subscription plans and terms, and expected savings.
  3. Do your research. To find the right subscription and know the right questions to ask, see what you need to know Before You Get Started.
  4. Talk to community solar providers. You can contact as many providers as you want to determine which subscription is right for you.

If you don’t see your utility, view our Community Solar Map.

Why Choose Community Solar?

Community solar provides New Yorker’s with the opportunity to:

  • Go solar without installing solar panels on your roof or property. Everyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can participate in a community solar project. You can even subscribe to community solar if you live in an apartment or your home is in a shady area that isn’t suited to solar panels.
  • Little to no upfront costs. Since you won’t need to install solar panels, the upfront costs of going solar with a community solar provider are minimal.
  • Save money every month on your electric bill. You’ll see credits every month on the electric bill you receive from your utility. The amount credited each month will depend on the amount of solar energy generated by your selected project.
  • Lower your carbon footprint and support your local economy. When you choose community solar, you’re not only helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you’re also supporting clean, locally generated electricity.
  • Minimal commitment. Community solar subscriptions also have shorter term options and many offer pay-as-you-go payment terms.

While much less common than subscription plans, some community solar projects also offer purchase plans that allow you to own a portion of a community solar project. While ownership is a long-term commitment, it can result in greater savings potential overtime and allow you to take advantage of tax credits.

How Community Solar Works?

Community solar is a group of solar panels with access to the local electricity grid. Once the panels are turned on and generating electricity, clean energy from the site feeds into the local power grid. Depending on the size and number of panels the project has, dozens or even hundreds of renters and homeowners can save money from the electricity that is generated by the project. By subscribing to a project, you earn credits on your electric bill every month from your portion of the solar that’s generated by the project, accessing the benefits of solar without installing panels on your home.