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Boost your bottom line

Beyond helping the environment, using renewable energy and making your business energy-efficient enhances profitability. Green buildings, including LEED or ENERGY STAR buildings, are a good example. The rent is up to 18% higher and sell for 13% more than conventional properties. The occupancy rates are also higher.

Team up for success

The right partners make all the difference in accomplishing your clean energy and energy efficiency goals. Energy efficiency and building science experts can help you discover the upgrades that will make the most sense for your business or your tenants.

Produce more, consume less

Improving productivity is critical to competing in a global market. You can do it by cutting how much energy you need to run your operations and still grow to meet your business needs. You can then re-invest the money that you save on energy toward improving the quality of your products and processes.

Energize your community through leadership


More than two-thirds of retail owners report an improved return on investment from making green building improvements. Your expertise and energy choices can catalyze economic development in your community. Forward thinking brings opportunities including clean energy jobs.


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Combined Heat and Power Systems

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide on-site electric power, heating and cooling from a single fuel source. This efficient power generation technology is also called cogeneration. Conventional power generation plants create heat as a byproduct and expel it as waste into the atmosphere. In contrast, CHP systems recover that waste heat and use it to operate industrial processes, heat domestic hot water, and provide space heating and cooling.

NY Prize

Helps communities create microgrids - standalone energy systems that can operate independently in the event of a power outage - through a first-in-the-nation competition.