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PON 2301 - 2011 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment EVSE Demonstration and Support Program


The objective of PON 2301, the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Demonstration and Support Program (the Program) will seek to accelerate vehicle electrification in New York that can provide significant petroleum and emission reductions by supporting the demonstration of vehicle charging equipment through two proposal categories.  Category 1 will seek project applications performing EVSE demonstration projects in New York, and Category 2 will seek proposals from qualified implementation contractors to support New York in addressing potential issues and identifying benefits of widespread EVSE deployment in New York.

  • A. Summary [PDF]
  • B. Summary of Revisions [PDF]
  • All Documents (with all attachments)  [PDF]
  • Attachment A - Proposal Checklist (Mandatory)  [PDF]
  • Attachment B - Disclosure of Prior Findings of Non-responsibility Form [PDF]
  • Attachment C - Cost Estimate [PDF]
  • Attachment C - Contract Pricing Proposal Form [XLS]
  • Attachment D - Sample Agreement [PDF]
  • Attachment E - Proposal Overview Form [PDF]