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P-12 Schools


Inspire young minds to think green

Practice what you preach and lead the way in improving the environment at your school.

Be smart about energy efficiency

Create a school that is a healthy and productive learning environment. Find out the best methods for reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in your school.


New York Schools Lead by Example

Lower your school's costs and promote climate action by implementing clean energy projects and committing to reducing harmful emissions with help from NYSERDA.

Powerful tools for teachers

Use solar to run a toy or charge a battery. Figure out what part of the day provides the most sunlight for solar panels. Investigate how the heat from sunlight affects cold-blooded animals. Educators can choose from more than 30 hands-on lesson plans. They are designed to help students in grades 4-12 explore the science and technology related to generating electricity from the sun.


Get Advice

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Research & Technical Reports

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