Air Conditioning

If you are installing a new central air conditioner in your home, consider an ENERGY STAR® model. ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioners are about 14% more efficient than standard models. Replacing an old central cooling system? If it's more than 12 years old, you could cut your cooling costs by 30% if you replace it with an ENERGY STAR certified model.

Central air conditioners blow cool air through your duct system using a blower motor that's usually part of your furnace. Connecting your ENERGY STAR certified central air conditioner to a new furnace and blower motor is the best way to ensure your cooling equipment will perform to its rated efficiency.

Not ready to invest in a central air conditioner? Consider an ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioner instead. They use about 15% less energy than conventional models, save more than $90 over the lifetime of the unit and often include timers for better temperature control, allowing you to use less energy to cool the room.

Boost your energy savings with these energy-saving tips.